About Me

My name is Rosie.

  • I don’t do too well with gluten or milk.
  • I have a son, who doesn’t do well with either gluten, milk, eggs and tree nuts.
  • My husband is allergic to gluten, nuts, eggs and shellfish.

Life is is great, we are all happy and doing well–except for the extreme food allergies we have to deal with. Having to cook for the three of us would be a lot of enjoyable if we were free to eat whatever we want without some potentially serious consequences.

Preparing and cooking our meals wouldn’t be so bad if life was so busy. My husband and I are both in our late 20s, so we’re busy with our careers, our child and everything else that seems to be flying right at us.

Boy was it chaos at first. Good thing for my sanity, I’ve learned to manage feeding the three of us without trigger any allergic reactions. I’ve also learned to prepare ahead of time so we can still eat a healthy meal despite the lack of time.

I’m here to share my experiences of life with food allergies with you, as well as allergy-free recipes, and time saving tips I’ve picked up along the way. I hope they can help you if you’ve found yourself in a similar situation.